NORDTEK DANMARK - Current Transformer AC1050, 50A - Low Cost -

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Current Transformer AC1050, 50A - Low Cost

Low Cost - High Quality - 50/60Hz Current Transformer - Primary Measuring Current 50A

  • Sensing Overload Current
  • Ground fault detection
  • Metering
  • Analog to Digital Circuits
  Current Transformer AC1050, 50A

Electrical Specifications @ 20°C ambient

Electrical Specifications
 Primary Current   50A nom., 125A max
 Turns Ratio   1000:1 nominal
 Volt per Amp Ratio at 50A
 for 100 ohm load
  0.100 V/A
 Volt per Amp Ratio at 5A
 for 100 ohm load
  0.098 V/A
 DC Resistance at 20°C   49.3 ohms
 Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
Mechanical Specifications
 Case   Polycarbonate
 Encapsulant   Epoxy
 Flammability   Conforms to UL94-VO
 Terminals   Pins Ø 1.0mm
 Marking   TALEMA
  Date Code (W/Y)
  Dot at start pin
 Approximate Weight   47.3 grams
 Tolerance   ± 0.2mm
Environmental Specifications
 Storage Temperature   -55°C to 130°C
 Insulation Resistance   100 megohms min.

  Output Volts vs Input Current & Dimensions   %RE vs RL at Rated primary current & Excitations Curve  

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